Nou Yang

I suffered from back pain for more than 20 yrs. Since I have come to see Dr. Simpson my lower back pain is gone. I have been to other chiropractors but you just have to find the right one. I went online and found Dr. Simpson’s website and read about chiropractic care.

Before I came to see Dr. Simpson, I was sleeping on the floor due to back pain. Also my back looked twisted like an “S” and now I am back to normal. Also the spinal decompression treatments and adjustments are very good for my lower back.

June Dooley

I could not sit at all. I had 2 surgeries to try to correct this pain but they were not effective. I also needed bifocal contacts. My neck always scraped when I turned my head and my neck/shoulder muscles were constantly tense. I had mid-back pain from a car accident 20+ years ago. I also had severe pelvic pain for 13 years that I had multiple surgeries and treatments for. I had chronic bursitis in both hips for 9 years. I had sinusitis too.

I can now sit with almost no pain! My nose is clearer. I’m back to my original distance-only contacts. My neck moves smoothly now and my neck/shoulder muscles are close to normal. My mid-back doesn’t hurt at all. The level of pelvic pain has improved as well as the bursitis

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1. How did vertebral subluxation affect your life prior to chiropractic?
On labor day of 2013 I began having a severe back ache. The next day my hip started hurting and I could barely walk. My primary care doctor treated me with a cortisone injection and prednisone. I was still in severe pain after the meds were complete.

2. The majority of our patients are referred to us from their family and friends who have had great results from chiropractic care. How were you introduced to chiropractic?
My sister, Shirley Smith had been seeing Dr. Simpson for quite some time and highly recommended him.

3. Many of our patients enjoy active lifestyles. How has your life improved since you began getting adjusted on a consistent basis (i.e. daily life activities, sports, work energy, family, etc.)?
After a few weeks treatment I was in little to no pain and could start back with my daily routine of cleaning house and enjoying my sweet granddaughter. I could pick her up and carry her again. I continue to improve with every adjustment.

Lou Waggoner

1. How did vertebral subluxation affect your life prior to chiropractic?
I had such severe pain in my back that I could not get up out of a chair or out of bed without excruciating pain. I was taking ibuprofen (heavy dose) in an attempt to cope during the day and sleep some at night.

2. The majority of our patients are referred to us from their family and friends who have had great results from chiropractic care. How were you introduced to chiropractic?
Through recommendation of Bart Reynolds and meeting Dr. Simpson at the Classic Center Home and Garden Show.

3. Many of our patients enjoy active lifestyles. How has your life improved since you began getting adjusted on a consistent basis (i.e. daily life activities, sports, work energy, family, etc.)?
After about 6 weeks of chiropractic care under Dr. Simpson I am virtually free of pain and even working out at the gym 3 times per week. I am 82 years old so age shouldn’t deter anyone from chiropractic care when needed.

Ralph Motsinger

Growing up I was a very competitive athlete – soccer, softball, cheerleading, gymnastics, ballet, etc. Being an athlete, things get thrown out of whack often. Different problems would arise, whether it is stiff, sore muscles or sore joints. I especially had pain after I threw out my arm. My shoulder would hurt so bad sometimes I needed help getting dressed because I couldn’t move it. And I was plagued with severe headaches daily, neck pain, and back pain constantly. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods of time without extreme discomfort. I had Aleve in my purse, my desk at work, in my car, and at my house, all used very frequently.

I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care until I started working in Dr. Simpson’s office and personally watched how many people were helped for a wide variety of things. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. I’m adjusted on a consistent basis, and I have increased flexibility, my neck pain is practically gone, I only have maybe one headache a month now, and my enjoyment of life pain free is priceless to me. I can go to a football game now and can actually focus on the game instead of my pain. And I don’t have to take any pain medication anymore, which is great.

I learned a lot here, mostly that healing takes time, effort, and the willingness to change to a healthier lifestyle and habits. My car and body both need maintenance to keep going. I will continue care for the rest of my life, because I care about the quality of my life.

Heather Williams – 5/9/2013

Before chiropractic care, vertebral subluxation affected my life by causing lower back pain almost daily. My lower back pain began around age 12 and has reoccurred during different times of my life. One time that stands out as being especially painful was my 1st pregnancy. My lower back would constantly hurt. I had to use a heating pad, try to stretch or yoga, or just break down and take Tylenol to ease the pain. I also suffered with sciatica pain. During that pregnancy, I couldn’t sit longer than 30 minutes without my lower back hurting.

I have known Dr. Tony Simpson and his family for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try chiropractic. My first child suffered severe constipation and I decided that chiropractic was worth a try. She hasn’t been constipated since being adjusted!

Since getting adjusted I have not had the lower back pain to the severity that I used to. I’m now pregnant with my second child, and this pregnancy has been so much more enjoyable. I am more energetic, can sit for long periods of time, and can chase around and carry my 16 month old around without lower back pain!

Donna Hancock

I was one of those people who “didn’t need to go to a chiropractor” because my back didn’t bother me too bad. What I did not know was that chiropractic could help with my sinuses, allergies, headaches, and just about any other complaint I ever had. I did not know that my spine was home for my entire nervous system and that interference in this very important part of my body could cause any kind of illness imaginable.

I have noticed numerous changes in my lifestyle. I formerly had at least 1-2 headaches per week. Now I have maybe 1-2 per month. Since age 14, I have had trouble with pollen in the spring. I had headaches, runny nose, stopped up head, watery eyes, and had trouble sleeping at night because I couldn’t breathe. I thought it would always be that way and that there was no way to help myself except to take Sinus Tylenol or if it was bad enough, go to the doctor and get antibiotics. This spring has been the best spring of my entire life. I have actually enjoyed watching the flowers and trees bloom! I have had the windows and doors open in my house and car, and nothing has affected me! I have not had a runny nose, stopped up head, or sinus headaches.

I have also noticed an increase in my energy level. I no longer have that mid-afternoon slump that I once experienced about 3-4pm. I have lots of energy all day and don’t run out of steam as early as I used to.

I am so thankful for chiropractic treatment and to the good Lord above who arranged my meeting with Dr. Simpson and Stacey. There really are no coincidences, are there?

Paige Fuller

I had lower back pain, neck pain, and pain in my leg. I was rubbing my let all the time trying to relieve the pain. I did not feel like riding in the car for trips. I stayed at home during the Christmas Holidays. I just didn’t want to go anywhere.

I told a friend about how I was feeling and he got me an appointment. I am now feeling much better since I started my treatments. I am able to cut wood, work on cars, etc. I feel like going places now. It doesn’t bother me to ride in the car. I am ready for spring so I can get out and enjoy life.

David Venegas

In 2009 I was in a car accident. The accident had me confused, emotional, and very unstable. My mind was mushy. I didn’t know how to deal with the back and neck pain. I was always this happy go lucky person who always had a smile on my face and then… I didn’t know what to do. A friend referred me to Dr. Simpson’s office. Oh believe me, I had heard a lot of horror stories about chiropractic, but when I arrived, the staff was very nice and the service Dr. Simpson provides was outstanding. I couldn’t have asked for better care, which is why I came back after I had a second car accident.

I can now cook, clean, go to work without any trouble and my smile has come back thanks to my extra energy. My family is happy because I’m back to normal, and because I can cook again. ☺

LaCherrika Hall Sanders

I’m a marathon runner, and I was having consistent soreness that was hindering my training. I came in not because of any debilitating condition but to get some relief from the soreness and prevent injury.

I asked a friend at work, who referred me to Dr. Simpson. After receiving treatment, I no longer have significant soreness. My training has never been better. I’m able to train longer and more often without the same soreness and pain.

Renee Jackson

Prior to chiropractic care, which began five months ago, I suffered from two specific bodily ailments: headaches (almost daily) and severe back pain in my lower back (to the pint I could not even put my paints on without crying in pain).

I had several friends of mine who went and continue to see Dr. Simpson. I was curious to see if chiropractic could do what everyone claimed it could – the body healing itself. So I set up an appointment with Dr. Simpson and was convinced that this method of care would help me.

In the last five months I’ve had ONE episode of severe back pain; and that was at the beginning of my chiropractic care. I haven’t had one since. I recover quicker from stressful situations which would have originally triggered a painful episode. As for my headaches, the frequency has significantly decreased. I have better posture; better range of motion; plus, I feel better all around.

Spencer Breedlove

I had episodes of chronic pain in my left shoulder that would radiate down my arm and into my fingers. My arm would go numb and I could not move it without assistance from my right hand. I also suffered from migraines.

My daughter’s boyfriend is a wrestler who recommended chiropractic care.

Since I have been getting “adjusted” my life is GREAT!! I have so much energy and no pain. I had lost all my energy and ability to function or long periods of time. Now I am able to do step-aerobics and I have joined a gym for weightlifting. I walk several miles a week and have the energy to actually do yard-work. [I] am in a happy and healthy frame of mind 24/7. Headaches are not as frequent nor as painful. My next goal is to get were I can jog (run) several miles a day.

Peggy Bales

I was having lower back pain at night that prevented me from getting much sleep. I was also extremely sore every morning.

After getting x-rays and seeing an orthopedic doctor I was told that nothing was wrong. My mom actually prompted me to see a chiropractor and then I met Dr. Simpson at my school’s health fair.

I no longer have back pain at night when I sleep and wake up pain free, as well. In addition, I was able to get pregnant after almost a year of trying right after I started seeing Dr. Simpson. My pregnancy has been wonderful, with very little sickness and almost none of the common pregnancy aches and pains. I am also counting on an easy labor!

Allison Forshee

Growing up, I really didn’t experience any back pain. As I got into my teens, my back started hurting a little when I was under stress, but not bad enough to go to the doctor about it. Five months ago, I was in an auto accident. As a result, I experienced a sore neck and upper and lower back pain. About a month after going to Dr. Simpson, I experienced some relief. I was amazed at the quick results and improvements.

I babysat the Simpson children

Since my adjustments, I feel a lot better and sleep better! One week I missed due to vacation and boy I felt it! I couldn’t believe the difference. Then I decided how important (and possibly life-changing) my weekly appointments were. As time passed, my back and neck slowly got better and my headaches weren’t as frequent. Also, my energy level soared! After a long day teaching, I felt like going places instead of napping- Thanks!

Elizabeth Miller

I live next to Dr. Simpson’s office and had been asking for months about various aches and pains. Finally I had intense pain in my back and shoulders- like a knife in my spine. This pain prompted me to seek help (alternatives to surgery). Two months of treatment have permitted me to sleep normally and resume physical activities as before.

As afraid of Medical Doctors and surgery as I am, I sought an alternative treatment and have been pleasantly surprised at my progress. From a mechanical viewpoint chiropractic makes sense!

I can now participate in the activities that I had become unable to enjoy. As a crew chief on a car racing team, I have responsibilities that REQUIRE quick and strenuous work, such as changing tires. Before my visits to Dr. Simpson I was unable to perform these duties. Now, I feel 20 years younger and have stopped taking 800 mg Motrin three times daily, which was necessary before just to make through daily life, Thanks!

Lee Strum

I had trouble doing anything. My back hurt while I walked, sat, worked, or tried to do anything.

A friend of mine told me how chiropractic care had helped him.

My back pain almost completely stopped after the first adjustment. I went to the job site and paraded around in front of everyone. They could not believe the improvement in my ability to get around.

After my adjustment the next day, I played softball that night and played pain free. Then next day I went to Florida and played in seven games in that weekend tournament. I’m convinced chiropractic care is the way to go in preventing and healing problems.

Stan Parker

I was constantly in and out of the doctor’s office, having to take five different medications daily. Each night my sinus would flare up and I felt like I was breathing through mud. Then I met Dr. Anthony Simpson at the Expo, he is a Godsend, his practice through chiropractic care has totally changed my life. I came to a health expo and met Dr. Simpson there. God is moving through his hands to help with the healing and knowledge of spinal care for his people through Dr. Simpson.

I enjoy exercising now with no pain, especially when exercising outside. I sleep better, and since receiving chiropractic care I do not have to take medication. I can sing from my stomach and not through my nose. I feel 100% better since I started treatments. Thanks Dr. Simpson.

Betty Bracey

Before chiropractic care I didn’t feel like or want to exercise on a regular basis. I had headaches, backaches and continuous pain in my right leg. My knees sometimes bothered me also. I had accepted the fact that some of my aces and pains were due to my age.

I was introduced to chiropractic by Betty Bracey.

Since I began having adjustments on a regular basis. I have a new lease on life. I have more energy now. I play baseball with my grandkids. They tell me all the time they don’t want me to get old. (smile) I’ve always been an active person but there were times when I was in pain. My family life is somewhat better I guess when you’re feeling good it makes all the difference. I thank Dr. Simpson for my adjustments and God for my healing. I exercise now every other day. I feel so much better. “May God Bless.”

Mary Appling

I was in such awful pain with my lower back and coccyx that I couldn’t think about anything else. Sitting or lying down did not help, neither did pain medications- O.T.C or prescription medication. The pain went all the way down my legs through my feet.

A fellow teacher suffered from herniated discs with pain so severe that she was in bed for two weeks. After three weeks of chiropractic she was pain-free. She convinced me to come see Dr. Simpson.

I can sleep at night and do most anything I want without pain. I couldn’t even bend over to water the flowers before I began chiropractic treatment. I’m like a new person!

Margaret Wood

I have girls and each of them had a problem: headaches, gastronitis, and knee pain. I had upper back pain and muscle weakness.

I was introduced to chiropractic because of a debilitating illness and a friend recommended this type of care.

While chiropractic did not cure the illness, I do give chiropractic care the credit for an unusually quick recovery and minimal long term affects. As for my girls, headaches have been few and far between. Stomach pain is handled without medication when she has it, and there has been no leg pain. While chiropractic in not a miracle cure, it is pretty darn close!

Deneen Voyles

It took 40 years! 40 years! I started having lower back pain when I was only 10 years old. I was told, “Oh, honey you’re too young to have back trouble.” Little did I know that the pain would grow stronger over the next 40 years and develop into headaches, neck and shoulder pain, pain in my hips and knees, and numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes. Looking back at the “big picture,” I want to know: After all the doctors I’ve seen, why did no one bother to tell me that my spine was in such bad shape. I realize now that all my pain was a result of scoliosis, which has made me it’s victim since I was a child. It has also done some damage to the vertebrae and disk in my spine. I also want to know, during my long search for some kind of relief, why did the doctors just keep giving me shots in my back and shoulders, and muscle relaxers, and pain pills without introducing me to the one alternative that would ease the suffering and promote the healing. I was at the bend in the road, and I had to find out what my options were, now that I could not sit, stand or lie down, for any length of time, without beginning to hurt. A relative told me to try her chiropractor. She said it was truly amazing how much better she felt and how much she had learned about her own body and how it worked.

After several months of adjustments to my spine, I can sleep all night without getting out of bed several times a night because I am in pain. The headaches are almost gone and when they do come, they are not as strong. I can actually sit through church services without suffering intense backaches. The tingling and numbness in my fingers is gone. I can stand or walk for longer periods of time. In general, my quality of life has improved drastically.

I am an energetic person who likes to live life by moving forward, but I had started to feel old and tired. Now, I look forward to the future and I know as long as my chiropractor helps me take care of my spine, my body will continue to heal itself and I will suffer less. Thanks Dr. Tony!

Susan Veal

Scott had already been going to different chiropractors over the years for back pain, but the kids and I had never been and we all ended up at Dr. Simpson’s because of the free exams and x-rays after a $25.00 donation to The Healing Place.

Scott went first since he was the one with “back problems” and he’s on the board of The Healing Place. He was not completely satisfied with the other chiropractic methods he’d been under. Mainly to go in for an adjustment when you’re having a problem. Scott was encouraged by Dr. Simpson’s more preventive/ holistic approach and asked me if I’d like to get my “free exam” since the whole family was eligible for the free exams and x-rays. I went thinking I’d just go this one time to see what it was about. Although, I had been experiencing some lower back pain upon rising in the morning I attributed that to nearing age 40! Well, according to Dr. Simpson that was not the problem. The problem was years of unattended subluxations. Some in phase II and I had on idea I even needed chiropractic care. As it turns out my children were also subluxated and my four-year-old girl even had scoliosis of the spine. Anyway, at my three-month check-up my x-rays showed marked improvement in my spinal curve and the morning back pain is very rare! I’ve truly seen the light that everyone needs chiropractic for good overall health. So now my whole family gets the “power turned on” to let healing energy flow throughout our bodies!

Sandra Weir

Constant lower muscular back pain, shooting pain down entire left leg, numbness in left leg, frequent pinched nerve in lower back.

All of my life I have had lower back pain and frequent muscle spasms in my back. Any type of activity such as vacuuming, driving, sewing, gardening, or painting left me in pain by the end of my chore. I just accepted it for many years as one of the prices I pay for being tall—thinking the fact that I had to bend a little farter to do those chores caused my back pain. In the last three years the frequency and severity of pain has increased and I began to get a “catch” in my back (pinched nerve) when walking. But the final pain that sent me to see Dr. Simpson was the shooting pain down my entire left leg, and the numbness that would follow.

… Even though I was skeptical of chiropractic care, I felt I had nothing to loose. I was horrified to see the shape my spine was in, and after the first week of care, the results were astounding! In less than 60 days I feel like a new woman! I even drove on a ten hour trip, followed by lots of walking, without ANY pain. This, to me, is a miracle. I still have lots of work to do to get my spine in great condition, but I am committed to chiropractic care from now on!

Melissa Steele

Twelve years ago I started my first experience with chiropractic. I had had problems with my feet being numb and an area on my right thigh was painful all the time. At the same time that area was numb. You could stick a pin in that area and I could not feel it.


My doctor said that surgery on my back would be the only way that would correct the problem.

Being the “chicken” that I am, I started looking for another solution. I didn’t feel like being some surgeons Thanksgiving turkey to carve on.

A friend referred me to a chiropractor. After he had worked with me for about three months, I was “healed.” I stopped going to my chiropractor since I was “healed.”

Fast forward 12 years—1997. …By that time, I was having trouble with my feet again. It felt like I had bone spurs on my heels. I even had thick pads in my shoes so that my feet would not hurt when I walked. After just a few adjustments the foot problems disappeared. I am “healed” again.

Bob McDowell

My experience with Dr. Simpson resulted from seeing his newspaper advertisement, at the time when I was experiencing severe physical problems and contemplating the preferred remedy. When I first saw Dr. Simpson, I was in a “lock-down” position, with severely limited range-of-motion in my left arm/shoulder, and was in constant (sometimes excruciating) pain. At this point, I could not do much of anything – read, work at the computer, do paperwork, drive my straight-shift car, find a comfortable position for sleeping, nor use my riding mower or do any type of yard work – anything that required bending my neck or using my left arm. I couldn’t even go through the drive-thru sections at restaurants and banks. As the primary caretaker for two elderly ladies in two separate households, I had been required to significantly reduce related activities down to absolute survival minimums. It became apparent that my body had been attempting to send me signals of problems for many years; I had just misinterpreted the messages, assuming that issues were just the result of my increasing age (sleeping positions, headaches, minor decreases in range of motion on left side, occasional problems with “lock-down” or pain when excessive repetitive motion had been practiced).

With Dr. Simpson’s help, and that of his staff and his educationally oriented office, my life has improved very much, way beyond what I (and he) would ever have imagined! With his emphasis on patient education and stress on patient involvement in their own cures, and with his willingness and encouragement to discuss an unlimited range of questions, I began (with careful consultation with him) a regime of physical activity and exercises never before attempted in my life, to alleviate pain and support the spinal adjustments. I also began to focus on my overall health and well-being, not just those around me as had been my lifelong habit. After help from Dr. Simpson, I was able to get back to all activities enjoyed previously. I had also significantly reduced my intake of O-T-C pain pills and I had regained full range-of-motion in my left arm/shoulder. I had actually regained flexibility to the extent that I could do stretching movements not attempted since I was a teen-ager (as evidenced by pictures showing that I could actually do a split). The major improvement: the knowledge gained from Dr. Simpson and his staff, and the care I’m taking of myself with that knowledge; I actually feel that I’ve extended my active life for many, many years, and I will never, never again give full credence to the popular/prevalent belief that aging is the reason/excuse for diminished capabilities as we do get on in years

On a personal note, I was initially very angry at the entire medical and insurance professions, for their past failures in acknowledging, supporting, and educating the public on the need for and benefits of chiropractic care. But, over time, I’ve settled down to just being very grateful for having learned this for myself at this particular point in my life, with the help of Dr. Simpson and his staff, and have gone in depth with this testimonial in the hopes that it may help others in their quest for an improved quality of life. I would recommend chiropractic evaluation and care for anyone at anytime for any ailment. As one of the educational images in Dr. Simpson’s office states, “Your spine is your lifeline – get it straight.” This statement, for me, has most definitely been proven!

Peggy Stamey

When I first started getting adjusted I was experiencing middle and low back pain constantly. After just a few visits it has completely gone. I have never slept well and now I am resting all night – WOW!

A good friend encouraged me to see Dr. Simpson and even went to the point of volunteering to take me to my appointments. I am forever grateful!

Rhonda Young Winterville, GA

I live next to Dr. Simpson’s office and had been asking for months about various aches and pains. Finally, I had intense pain in my back and shoulders – like a knife in my spine. This pain prompted me to seek help (alternatives to surgery). Two months of treatment have permitted me to sleep normally and resume physical activities as before.

As afraid of medical doctors and surgery as I am I sought an alternative treatment and have been pleasantly surprised at my progress. From a mechanical view point chiropractic makes sense!

I can now participate in the activities that I had become unable to enjoy. As a crew chief on a car racing team, I have responsibilities that REQUIRE quick and strenuous work, such as changing tires. Before my visits to Dr. Simpson, I was unable to perform these duties. Now, I feel 20 years younger and have stopped taking 800mg of Motrin three times daily which was necessary before just to make it through daily life. Thanks!

Lee Strum Athens, GA

I had trouble walking, sleeping and sitting. I was in constant pain.

I was introduced to chiropractic many years ago when my mother took me with her to a chiropractor.

I’m virtually pain-free now. I sleep without pain and walk and sit without pain. I can also turn my head better which helps me in driving. So now I can drive again pain-free. I have more energy. I am no longer depressed because of my physical limitations.

Nancy Fajardo Athens, GA

Before chiropractic, I had almost daily headaches with neck discomfort. Anytime I did yard work or heavy lifting I experienced lower back pain with several days of discomfort. My legs and feet ached after three to five hours on my feet.

I was introduced to chiropractic when I visited a display booth at the Athens Home and Garden Show. A few simple demonstrations proved to me that chiropractic could be helpful with my pain as well as having other health benefits.

For the most part, my daily activities are much easier to accomplish since chiropractic care. Yard work is more enjoyable, walking for exercise is more comfortable and it seems to be more beneficial in keeping my joints and muscles lumber and improving my energy level.

Marsha Headlee Athens, GA

I was constantly in and out of the doctor’s office having to take 5 different medications daily. Each night my sinuses would flare up and I felt like I was breathing through mud. Then I met Dr. Tony Simpson, he is a God Send, his chiropractic practice has totally changed my life.

Since I have been to the chiropractor I have been off of my blood pressure, asthma, allergy, and sinus medications. I enjoy exercising now with no pain, especially when exercising outside. I sleep better and since receiving chiropractic care I do not have to take medication. I feel 100% better since I started treatments.

Isn’t it amazing how your body has the ability to heal itself when nerve interference is removed!

Betty Bracey Athens, GA

For years, prior to seeking chiropractic help, I suffered from lower back discomfort. I ignored this since it did not interfere with my lifestyle (a big mistake). About a year ago, however, my mild discomfort turned into severe pain. I immediately came to Dr. Simpson, who discovered that my spine was not in proper alignment.

My age is 78. Chiropractic treatment has allowed me to continue being quite active physically – golf, yard work, planting and tending shrubs, etc. Needless to say, I will continue my treatment.

R.H. Finn

While out of town visiting relatives, I slept several nights on a rollaway bed. Soon after this, I started having severe lower back pain. I work at computer and sit most of the day, and I noticed that I was beginning to have joint pain in my knees when I would stand and walk – especially up and down stairs.

There is a drastic improvement in how I now feel. I have a lot more energy, and I can walk much easier than before. I recently took a trip to San Francisco, and I was literally walking for five days straight from morning until night. I had no back problems or joint problems at all from this. I can tell a difference in how I feel at work, too Dr. Simpson can give me some great tips and exercises to do at work, which have helped a great deal.

Margaret Loard

Frequent headaches, migraines (one of which hospitalized me), depression (on 3 different medications for depression), fatigued, sinus trouble… In a nutshell, I just felt trapped in my own body.

I feel as though I can do anything. I’m no longer limited by anything physically challenging. Keeping up with my teenage girls is no big deal. Also, I’m medication free and rarely experience headaches.

Christa Newsome

I was having numbness in a couple of toes on my left foot. I was also having extreme stiffness in my lower back.

It has helped with some of my flexibility and my neck doesn’t feel as tense or stiff while I work. I also don’t have the numbness in my toes, which has increased my comfort while working or doing leisure activities.

Buz Amason

Persistent back pain and frequent headaches.

I do extensive amounts of driving for my business and was constantly struggling to stretch and relieve pressure on my lower back and hips. Manual labor was limited and no longer do I have these problems. Energy levels have increased greatly. My wife says “thanks” because she doesn’t have to cut the grass anymore!

Steve Rice

I experienced neck pain, back pain, right hip pain because of my left leg being shorter, sinus problems, was on medication headaches, and taking estrogen for menopause which was not being effective.

I now have more energy, exercise is easier, and I have no pain. I am also off all medications.

Rosemary Berlincourt

I had painful carpel tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and hand, tense, tight shoulders and a sharp pain in my left hip and left side of neck, which moved upward toward the ear.

Bowling twice a week, after 11 adjustments, my wrist and hand are pain free. More consistent, average. My shoulder is more relaxed and I can sit for a period of time without having to shift my weight. I am less dependent on my hearing aid.

Elizabeth R. Ireland

My hips and legs hurt so bad I could hardly walk.

I now use a push mower to keep the grass cut and I am able to do some work in the garden.

Leatus Seay

Prior to chiropractic, my quality of life was affected a great deal. I was always hurting and could not do much lifting.

I can now play golf with no pain. I feel good and can move around with no pain.

Charles Campbell

I had terrible lower back pain. I would wake up in the mornings with a stiff lower back. I do a lot of walking around in my business. My back would get tired and stiff and if I were to misstep, it would create a painful shock to my lower back. I also had trouble doing leg lifts while exercising. I hated it.

First of all, my lower back situation has improved greatly. I do not have the nagging lower back pain. I catch myself realizing that my lower back does not have the stiffness and fatigue it used to experience. My posture is improving and am centering better. My exercises like leg lifts and sit-ups are not painful. I rest better at night. My daily life has improved and I am very pleased with my results and look forward to continued health improvements.

David Garrison

Prior to chiropractic care I had pain in my neck and shoulders, sleepiness, reflux, low energy and stress. With regular chiropractic care I have been able to cut my grass again after three years of hiring someone to cut it for me. I have less reflux and sleep better. I experience more energy and better overall health as a result of regular adjustments. I watch my diet, try to get enough sleep and am exercising more also. I am taking control of my health. Thanks to the good folks at Simpson Chiropractic Center, I get encouragement each trip; experience caring spirits and happy faces.

Pauline Maxey

For the last several years I have experienced pain in my neck and back due to degenerative disk disease. I have endured a rupture of C 6-7, L4-5, and S1. The cervical area has been fused and the lumbar/sacral area has been fused with metal fixation. I have presently been diagnosed with multiple bone spurs in the thoracic area, which cause pain and an inability to lift weight in excess of 10-15 pounds without pain. Additionally for most of my life I have been able to breath through only one nostril at a time. Basically I thought this was normal. That is until I became a patient of Dr. Simpson. Since becoming a patient April 30,1997 I have had less pain and greater mobility in both areas of my back. While lifting weight has not improved, and probably won’t, I do have less pain and am able to be more active in daily activities. I am also able to breath through both nostrils now for the last 2 weeks. While this may seem insignificant to some folks, it makes quite a difference in my life. Thank you Dr. Simpson. May the force be with you and me!

George Heyen

Prior to chiropractic care my right arm and thumb were partially numb;mt thumb was numb 24/7. I couldn’t crook my neck to look in the mirror, or other positions without a bad tingleing in my arm & thumb. Also after hiking or walking a lot, my hips would ache like a much older man ( I’m 34). I ‘ve been injured a lot & this was one of the worst feelings I’ve had. My family. Mom & Dad tried to get me to come years ago…I wish I had listened! Dad has had lots of back surgery so I knew Dr. Simpson was who I needed to see. My Dad swears by chiropractic & now I do too!!!! My numbness has almost disappeared! Thank you so much! Now I can go backpacking & like 3 miles with a big load without ny hips hurting- also mowing my grass feels better too. If you have spine problems, keep the faith, it’ll work! You’re in the right hands!!!!!!

John Dean Heyen

My first time at Dr. Simpson’s I was five days old. My mommy and daddy brought me in to make sure I was subluxation free. Dr. Simpson held me upside down and examined my spine to make sure it was straight. I have been coming to Dr. Simpson’s ever since. It has helped to keep me healthy and has helped me to grow into the busy two year old I am today!

Micah Schauber

I first started coming to Dr. Simpson when I was four months pregnant. I was in a lot of pain because I was teaching and was on my feet a lot. My back ached a lot and I couldn’t get any relief. Stacey Simpson first encouraged me to come. Dr. Simpson continued to adjust me through my pregnancy. Micah was born and we continued to come and be adjusted. Each week was a highlight for me because carrying a baby all day long would cause my back to tighten and hurt. Dr. Simpson has helped to make my life pain free.

Dana Schauber

Prior to receiving chiropractic care I would have headaches 4-5 times per week. I also suffered from lower back pain. Soon after I began treatment with Dr. Simpson, I noticed a decrease in headaches – only a couple of times per month. I have started sleeping much better and I have not had any lower back pain. I was introduced to chiropractic through an Athens Home and Garden show.

Lauren Malueg

For some 10 years I have had almost constant pelvic and “tail” bone pain and discomfort, difficulty standing up after prolonged sitting and stiffness accompanied by limited movement in my neck. In addition there was a typical depression and a sleep disorder from some extreme stresses. This is my first chiropractic experience so I didn’t really know very much about what to expect. Right away I could tell that Dr. Simpson and staff had their “head bones connected to their heart bones”, with genuine compassion and eagerness to enable healing. The table was like “automatic for the people”. This wonderful atmosphere enabled me to keep the “up look” instead of the “down look”.

Within 7 treatment days, I was free of pelvic pain and could comfortably sit. I am no longer stiff. Within several weeks spinal flexibility was quite noticeable and I gained a better range of motion in the movement of my head. I truly feel that I am being blessed by healing power and chiropractic care has certainly fostered this. I’m truly a believer! The body certainly has the power to heal itself when the conditions are in balance. Adjusting to a better life is wonderful!!!

Beverly McDowell

Over 3 years ago, I walked into Simpson Chiropractic office hoping to find relief from pain I had in my upper back that was so tight it hurt to inhale. I had been reluctant in the past to seek chiropractic advice or help because I was taught as a child that medical doctors are the people who help with pain. I also learned in nursing school to seek the advice and treatments from medical doctors. I was never educated about chiropractic care. Because I had a friendship with the owners of Simpson Chiropractic Center, I felt I could trust them to honestly advise me and if necessary treat me. After a consultation and exam, I was able to see for myself how misaligned my spine was. No wonder I had tension in my back muscles! One hip was higher than the other; one shoulder was lower than the other. I had five misaligned vertebrae and didn’t even know it.

After my first gentle adjustment, I didn’t feel anything different until later that night. I sat at my computer for over an hour and realized I didn’t need a pillow to support my lower back as usual. I also found that I could sit in bed without support behind my back as well. I was amazed. My tension was relieved in my upper back as well. What really threw me for a loop was the fact that I didn’t have any abdominal pain associated with menstrual cramps that month. Due to the intense pain I had on the first day of my cycle each month, I would take up to 1200 mg of ibuprofen. Since my first adjustment, at Simpson Chiropractic Center, I have had no pain associated with my monthly cycle and I no longer need ibuprofen. A miracle? Maybe. But I really believe that having my regular adjustments by Dr. Simpson has allowed my body to function at its optimum potential. I now experience increased energy and flexibility. And best of all, I learn something new just about every time I visit the office. There is always educational literature available to teach me more about the benefits of chiropractic care.

Don’t miss your opportunity to feel better.

Lisa Bonet

I have known Dr. Simpson and his wife for many years before I committed to chiropractic care. Due to aches and pains of working at the computer for long hours daily, I realized the need for this treatment. Not only did I feel relief of pain, I had more energy and slept much better. About a year later I injured my neck and back in a swimming accident, with stinging pain in my back and left arm. Dr. Simpson provided the relief I was needing and soon I had no further trouble with this problem. I highly recommend him as a sensitive, caring and extremely knowledgeable practicioner.

Pete Barkelew Athens, GA


“Prior to chiropractic, it was difficult to sit, ride, travel for long periods of time I did not have lots of energy and suffered with sinus bouts. After talking to one of my co-workers, reading a testimony of a friend who was under chiropractic care and an insert in the daily news, I decided to try it. I now enjoy traveling (car) for church. I don’t have to twist and turn to find comfortable positions. I don’t use all of the pillow props as I use to. My sinus problems have not surfaced in about two years. I don’t tire as quickly as in the past. I’ve encouraged friends to give chiropractic care a chance. They’ve been pleased with the results. Thanks Dr. Simpson and staff.”

Tommie Farmer Winterville Elementary

“I was in such awful pain with my lower back and coccyx that I couldn’t think about anything else. Sitting or lying down did not help, neither did pain medications- OTC or prescription medication. The pain went all the way down my legs through my feet. A fellow teacher suffered from herniated disks with pain so severe that she was in bed for 2 weeks. After 3 weeks of chiropractic she was pain-free. She convinced me to come to Dr. Simpson. I can sleep at night and do most anything I want without pain. I couldn’t even bend over to water the flowers before I began chiropractic treatment. I’m like a new person!”

Margaret Wood Clarke County Schools

“I had muscle spasms in my shoulders and pain in my lower back. I was constantly in pain while I was cleaning house, walking, etc. I was always taking Tylenol, pain relievers, just to get through the day. I can now work without the pain. There’s still times if I overwork that my back still bothers me. But overall I am much better – I do not have as many allergy problems – or ear problems that I had before.”

Sheryl Nash - Comer Elementary School

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The pain in my back, legs, feet, and hands became worse. I had therapy and very painful steroid injections. I could not take arthritis medicine and I could not work at home or on my job without pain. I now can do some of my housework pain free!! I have returned to my job and in three weeks I have not missed a day’s work!! My family and friends were praying there would be a way for me. The pain was bad and I could not handle my job. I decided that I was going to retire. I prayed that I would find help and one day I looked in the telephone book and saw the advertisement for the Gentle Chiropractic. I phoned the office and told them the pain I was in. They told me to come in that afternoon to see Dr. Simpson. Dr. Simpson told me he could help me and not to retire. I was relieved to hear him say that! I did not retire and I am doing a lot better. I am thankful for the prayers of my family and friends and for the care I receive by Dr. Simpson and his staff.”

Melba Guntharp – Clarke County Schools

“I have TMJ. Since the late 80’s, my jaw would “pop” occasionally. Beginning in January of 2000 my jaw “popped” every day. During this time, my jaw would also lock frequently. I had to break my food into small chunks to fit in my mouth. One afternoon my jaw was locked so painfully that I was in tears. My husband called and set up my appointment the next day. He receives chiropractic care for his back and neck. Since beginning chiropractic care, my jaw has never locked again. While it still “pops”, the frequency has been reduced. I am now able to eat free of worry and pain. Due to my success, our 3 year old son also receives chiropractic care.”

Amy T. Ansley – O’Neal Oglethorpe County Schools

“After one week of adjustments, both, the frequency and intensity of my headaches were reduced. The amount of pain medication was also reduced! The headaches seem to be diminishing with every week of treatment. The outlook is exciting!”

Joey Hill - Comer Elementary