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Dr. Helping Ease Pain Caused By Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr Simpson Athens wrist doctor Hello GA! Dr. Simpson here, and I want to help the people who live in and around the Athens area to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. As a chiropractor, I see many who are struggling with the horrible pain, and am able to help provide much-needed relief.
What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

There is a bundle of nerves that runs through the wrist, which can become compressed and painful. These compressed nerves can lead to tingling in the hands and fingers and to pain that can be completely unbearable. There are a number of causes for carpal tunnel syndrome and I have treated many cases in Athens involving all of these.

As a chiropractor in Athens, I specialize in treatment of the problems caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and can help you not only to learn to manage your overall pain, but in many cases, to eliminate that pain completely.

You Can Be Pain Free

I have treated patients who are just starting to experience problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as those who have been dealing with it for many years without relief. If you live in Athens and have carpal tunnel syndrome, no matter whether it is mild or severe, there is no need to deal with the pain any more.

If you want to live your life without pain, visit me, Dr. Simpson, at my office conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue. I have the knowledge and the expertise to relieve your hand and wrist pain permanently. Click here to take action and make an appointment today.

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Get rid of your aches, pains and depression without drugs!

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NEWS FLASH: Dr. Simpson reveals the five biggest mistakes people make when choosing a chiropractor in the Athens, GA area:

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Qualify for a free back pain consultation with Dr. Simpson right here in Athens, GA:

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Stiffness and Soreness In Joints Doesn’t Have To Get You Down

Dr Simpson Athens stiffness and sore joints doctor Hello. My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in Athens, GA. Are you suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints? Are you tired of taking medications that do not work, are addictive or make you so sleepy that you can’t perform your normal daily tasks? You can ease your pain with chiropractic treatment, and I specialize in treatments that involve stiffness and soreness in the joints
Chiropractic Care As Part of Your Pain Management Program

If you are suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints, you have probably tried all kinds of conventional treatments, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. These can be addictive or have harmful side effects. Often, these medications make you sleepy, and you are unable to function properly. This is no way to live. Instead of relying on drugs, which over time will have less and less effect on your condition, why not give chiropractic a try?

What Can A Chiropractor Do For My Joint Stiffness/Soreness?

There are many ways that chiropractic can help your joint stiffness and soreness. Spinal adjustments and posture correction are two of the techniques that I commonly use. I have been successfully helping patients in Athens, GA with joint soreness and stiffness for many years, and they continue to remain pain-free. I know that I can help treat your pain, so why live with it any longer?

If you are suffering from joint pain and stiffness, are tired of taking medication, and do not want to undergo invasive and painful surgery, there is an alternative. Come and see me at my office, conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, and I will get to work on creating the best course of chiropractic treatment for your condition.

Contact Dr. Simpson’s office today!

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See what Dr. Simpson from Athens has to say about some common mistakes people make when choosing a chiropractor:

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Work Injuries

Dr Simpson Athens work injury doctor Greetings! I am Dr. Simpson, a chiropractor in Athens, GA. Whether you have a new or old work injury, I can help you.

The first step of this process is simple: We need to establish the extent of the problem that you are experiencing and design a plan to make sure that you are restored back to health and fitness.

Think about it: Not only do work injuries effect your performance—not to mention comfort—while on the job, they can also effect your life outside of work as well. A work injury can last for a long time, especially if it is not treated properly and carefully. In fact, if you have a work injury that is not being treated correctly, you can make that injury much worse.
I have helped many people at my office, and I can help you to deal with your work injury as well. What people do not understand about chiropractic care is that it is an ongoing process that requires the patient to take part in their own care. My office will devise an exercise program that will go along with your professional adjustments and treatments.

Call me, Dr. Simpson, immediately. Do not spend another minute dealing with the pain and discomfort of your work injury. My Athens office is open during convenient hours so that I can take care of all your chiropractic needs.

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