What is the Root of Your Headaches?

Dr Simpson Athens Headache doctor Did you know that many headaches are the result of problems with the neck, shoulders and back? Did you also know that many of your headaches can be eliminated with care from a qualified chiropractor? Hello there. My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in Athens, GA.
I have seen many patients who were suffering from headaches, and diagnosed the root of the problem as muscular/skeletal, and not actually in the head itself. And, I have successfully treated these patients at my office.

If you live in Athens and are looking for an alternative to taking harsh, addictive drugs for your frequent headaches, why not try chiropractic? My office is conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue. I can easily diagnose the source of your headaches and treat them, thereby eliminating your pain. And, I can help you learn about lifestyle changes that can keep your headaches from coming back in the future.

Often, headaches are caused by problems in the neck and shoulders. If you have poor posture, this can lead to headaches. If you have any sort of strain in your neck and shoulders, this can also cause headaches.

Stress is another cause of headaches, particularly migraines, and much of your stress may be caused by stress in the neck and shoulders. Again, this is something that I can easily treat. If you are from the Athens area and are suffering from headaches, suffer no longer. I am waiting to see you for a consultation, so I can get right to work on creating the proper course of chiropractic treatment for you. You want to be pain-free, and I want to help.

Visit me, Dr. Simpson, and eliminate your headaches once and for all.

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Must Try: Chiropractic Care for a Bad Back

Dr Simpson Athens back pain doctor chiropractor Dr. Simpson here to talk to you today about bad back problems. Whether it has happened because of a work injury, a sports injury or because of a genetic or degenerative disorder, your bad back may be keeping you from enjoying your life the way that you would like. If you live in or around the Athens area, come to my office at 700 Hawthorne Avenue so that we can get started on the treatment that will work the best for your bad back.
When you are dealing with a bad back, you might find other things affected as well. You may not get as much work done. You may not be able to enjoy sports or hobbies like you used to. You may not even be able to eat or sleep like you normally do.

Before you let a bad back destroy your entire life, come see me, Dr. Simpson, at my office so we can start looking for the right treatment solution for you. Some who have bad back problems may try using traditional medications or even surgery. They may even try new mattresses or other ideas that may not work very well for them. But in my office, not only will we use careful adjustments, we will teach you exercises that will help you to get back to your regular lifestyle.

Call us at the number on this page and ask for me, Dr. Simpson, and schedule an appointment immediately. There is no need for your bad back to keep you from enjoying your life.

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Work Injuries

Dr Simpson Athens work injury doctor Greetings! Dr. Simpson here to talk to you today about work injuries.

Whether you have a new or old work injury, I can help you. The first step of this process is simple: we need to establish the extent of the problem that you are having and design a plan to make sure that you are restored back to health and fitness.

Think about a work injury: not only does it affect your performance, not to mention comfort while on the job, it can also affect your life outside of work as well. A work injury can last for a long time, especially if it is not treated properly and carefully. In fact, if you have a work injury that is not being treated correctly, you can make that injury much worse.
I have helped many people in my Athens office, and I can help you to deal with your work injury as well. What people do not understand about chiropractic care is that it is an ongoing process that requires the patient to take part in their own care. I will devise an exercise program that will go along with your professional adjustments and treatments.

Call me, Dr. Simpson, immediately. Do not spend another minute dealing with the pain and discomfort of your work injury. My Athens office is open during convenient hours so that I can take care of all your chiropractic needs.

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Stiffness and Soreness in Joints Doesn’t Have to Get You Down

Dr Simpson Athens stiffness and sore joints doctor My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in Athens, GA.

Are you suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints? Are you tired of taking medications that do not work, are addictive or make you so sleepy that you can’t perform your normal daily tasks? You can ease your pain with chiropractic treatment, and I specialize in treatments that involve stiffness and soreness in the joints.

Chiropractic Care As Part of Your Pain Management Program

If you are suffering from stiffness and soreness in your joints, you have probably tried all kinds of conventional treatments, including prescription and over-the-counter medications. These can be addictive or have harmful side effects. Often, these medications make you sleepy, and you are unable to function properly. This is no way to live. Instead of relying on drugs, which over time will have less and less effect on your condition, why not give chiropractic a try?

What Can A Chiropractor Do For My Joint Stiffness/Soreness?

There are many ways that chiropractic can help your joint stiffness and soreness. Spinal adjustments and posture correction are two of the techniques that I commonly use. I have been successfully helping patients in Athens, GA, with joint soreness and stiffness for many years, and they continue to remain pain-free. I know that I can help treat your pain, so why live with it any longer?

If you are suffering from joint pain and stiffness, are tired of taking medication, and do not want to undergo invasive and painful surgery, there is an alternative. Come and see me at my office, conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, and I will get to work on creating the best course of chiropractic treatment for your condition, and see to it that you live a pain-free life.

Contact Dr. Simpson’s office today!

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We Can Effectively Put An End to Mid-Back Pain

Dr Simpson Athens back doctor My name is Dr. Simpson and I want to help you deal with your troubling mid-back pain. I am a chiropractor in Athens, and I see patients who have many kinds of mid-back pain. I have seen many of these folks, even those who have been disappointed with traditional treatments, and can help them to finally get rid of the pain that is keeping them from living their best life.
What Can Cause Mid-Back Pain?

There are a number of causes of mid-back pain, trust me, and I have seen a number of these cases involving all of these causes and treated them effectively.

Mid-back pain is one of the most common back conditions and can be seen in both male and female patients. Whether your mid-back pain is caused by accidents, poor posture, strain, disc degeneration or abnormalities in the bones or joints that let your back become misaligned, it can be treated.

As a chiropractor in Athens, I specialize in the treatment of these muscular and skeletal problems, including the vertebrae. I can also help you to learn to effectively manage your pain. I will help you to regain your flexibility so that you do not have to live with pain.

Get Back to Your Life

You do not have to live with mid-back pain of any kind any longer. You have other things to do after all, and should not have to struggle through them with pain and immobility because of mid-back pain. Visit me, Dr. Simpson, at my Athens chiropractic office and get the relief that you need and deserve right away. Click here to take action today!

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Dealing with Sprains and Strains

Dr Simpson Athens chiropractor Hello GA! If you live in or around Athens, I am here to help you deal with the pain and discomfort of sprains and strains no matter what has caused them.
The Many Causes of Sprains and Strains

There are literally hundreds of causes of sprains and strains in the body.

Sprains and strains are very common conditions and can happen to anybody at anytime. In fact, I have seen patients who have sprains and strains as a result of accidents, poor posture, overuse, abnormalities in the bones and joints or even as the result of being overweight. As a chiropractor, I specialize in the treatment of these problems. I can help you to learn how to deal with and manage this pain and in many of the cases, can eliminate it completely.

Some of the symptoms that I have treated patients for include stiffness from their sprains or strains, pain, tingling sensations, numbness and other problems. Through the careful manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues, I can help you to be relieved of your pain and slowly work toward restoring full movement to the area.

Don’t Live with the Pain of Sprains or Strains Any Longer

If you are living in the Athens are and are trying to deal with mild, moderate or even severe pain from sprains and strains, there is no need to suffer any longer. You have better things to do than fellowship with pain. When you are dealing with the pain of sprains and strains, visit me, Dr. Simpson, for treatment right away.

Contact me today!

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Chiropractic Care For Asthma Patients

Dr Simpson Athens wrist doctor Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 20 million Americans suffer from asthma and many of these people do not even realize that they have the condition? Asthma is a condition that can be controlled through medications, but if you do not want to spend your life using inhalers and taking pills, you may want to try an alternative route and see a chiropractor.
Hello. Dr. Simpson here, and I can help you manage your asthma and the symptoms that go with it. Often, many conditions, including asthma, are caused by a misalignment in the spine, which can pinch nerves and keep them from doing their jobs properly. Through a course of chiropractic treatment at my office, I can correct this misalignment, which will reduce, and possibly even eliminate, your asthma symptoms.

One of the ways that I can correct the misalignment is through a spinal adjustment. Studies have shown that this sort of treatment is effective in improving asthma symptoms, and I have successfully treated many asthma patients in Athens, who found that traditional treatments just weren’t cutting it for them. Along with my treatments, you can also do things to help yourself, including changing bed linens at least once a week, not having pets in the home (or, if you really love your pets, at least keep them outside as much as possible), dusting regularly and installing an air filter in your home.

So, if you are suffering from the symptoms of asthma and want to discover a treatment that works, come and see me, Dr. Simpson, to arrange for a consultation. My office is conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue in Athens.

Take action now, and make an appointment today!

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Upper Back Pain Treatment

Dr Simpson Athens wrist doctor My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in Athens, GA. I have been successfully treating patients with upper back pain for years, and have seen first-hand how chiropractic care can help all kinds of conditions with the joints such as the shoulders, the muscles in the neck, shoulders and back, and the spine. My treatments involve adjustments of the spine, which can correct misalignments and ease or eliminate your pain.
Causes of Upper Back Pain

Some of the causes of upper back pain include poor posture, injury, whiplash, disc disease and degeneration, large breasts, sprains and strains and even heart disease. These can all cause you to experience extreme pain on a regular basis. The techniques that I use for your treatment in my office will help to cure the cause of your upper back pain.

Although it is not always as severe as lower back pain, upper back pain is just as common, and millions of Americans live with it every day. Upper back pain is not something that needs to be a permanent condition, nor does it always need to be treated with prescription or over-the-counter medications or surgery. In fact, many of my patients report significantly lower levels of pain, if not complete elimination of pain, after undergoing my treatments.

If you have been living with upper back pain and traditional treatments have not been helping you, I can help. Come see me, Dr. Simpson, at my office, conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, for a consultation. I will perform an examination and diagnose your condition, then work on making you feel better.

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Arthritic Conditions Could Be Helped By A Chiropractor

My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in the Athens area. Some may not realize that in addition to helping to relieve back pain, chiropractors can also help with treating the agony of arthritis.
Dr Simpson Athens Arthritis doctor Symptoms of Arthritis

Many of my patients from Athens report a variety of symptoms from their arthritic conditions. These symptoms can range from stiffness to pain to swelling to muscle, bone and joint deterioration. These conditions are often life-altering because they can cause patients to lose much of their mobility. I work with my patients to get to the root of their pain, and use chiropractic treatments to ease, and in many cases, eliminate that pain.

Help Me Help You

In addition to the treatments I offer in my office, there are many things you can do yourself to help control the pain caused by your arthritic condition. Many arthritic conditions are caused by injuries, so if you are injured in any way, follow your doctor’s orders to ensure that you won’t suffer from arthritis pain once your injury has healed.

If you do work that involves heavy lifting, bending, stooping, etc., learn ways to do these jobs that are not as hard on your joints. And see me for treatments. My office is conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, and I am always accepting new patients.

Do not delay; take immediate action and contact me, Dr. Simpson, today!

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