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Must Try – Chiropractic Care For a Bad Back

Dr Simpson Athens back pain doctor chiropractor Hello to everyone in Athens, GA. Dr. Simpson here, and I want to help you deal with all of your chiropractic needs, including problems that you have with bad backs. Whether it has happened because of a work injury, a sports injury or because of a genetic or degenerative disorder, your bad back may be keeping you from enjoying your life the way that you would like. If you live in or around the Athens area, come to my office located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, so that we can get started on the treatment that will work the best for your bad back.
When you are dealing with a bad back, you might find other things affected as well. You may not get as much work done. You may not be able to enjoy sports or hobbies like you used to. You may not even be able to eat or sleep like you normally do. Before you let a bad back destroy your entire life, come to my office at 700 Hawthorne Avenue and we can start looking for the right treatment solution for you.

Some people who have bad back problems may try using traditional medications or even surgery. They may even try new mattresses or other ideas that may not work very well for them. If the problem persists, it may be time to call my office for a consultation. Not only will we use careful adjustments, we will teach you exercises that will help you to get back to your regular lifestyle.

Call us at the number on this page and ask for me, Dr. Simpson, to schedule an appointment immediately. There is no need for your bad back to keep you from enjoying your life.

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What Is The Root of Your Headaches?

Dr Simpson Athens Headache doctor Did you know that many headaches are the result of problems with the neck, shoulders and back? Did you also know that many of your headaches can be eliminated with the care from a qualified chiropractor? Hello there. My name is Dr. Simpson, and I am a chiropractor in Athens, GA.
I have seen many patients who were suffering from headaches, and diagnosed the root of the problem as muscular/skeletal, and not actually in the head itself. And, I have successfully treated these patients at my office.

If you live in Athens and are looking for an alternative to taking harsh, addictive drugs for your frequent headaches, why not try chiropractic? My office is conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue. I can easily diagnose the source of your headaches and treat it, thereby eliminating your pain. And, I can help you learn about lifestyle changes that can keep your headaches from coming back in the future.

Often, headaches are caused by problems in the neck and shoulders. If you have poor posture, this can lead to headaches. If you have any sort of strain in your neck and shoulders, this can also cause headaches.

Stress is another cause of headaches, particularly migraines, and much of your problem may be caused by stress in the neck and shoulders. Again, this is something that I can easily treat. If you are from the Athens area, and are suffering from headaches, suffer no longer. I am waiting to see you for a consultation so I can get right to work on creating the proper course of chiropractic treatment for you. You want to be pain-free, and I want to help.

Visit me, Dr. Simpson, and eliminate your headaches once and for all.

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Repetitive Stress Injuries Should Not Disrupt Your Life

Dr Simpson Athens carpal tunnel doctor Hello. I am Dr. Simpson, from Athens, GA. As a chiropractor, I have helped hundreds of patients who were dealing with pain from repetitive stress injuries. I see more and more cases of it all the time.
What Causes Repetitive Stress Injuries?

Repetitive stress injuries are just that – injuries that are caused by repetitive movements. Many people who are in jobs that require a lot of typing, such as data entry, or other jobs that involve many repetitive movements, are susceptible to repetitive stress injuries, which can bring much pain to sufferers. There are many ways that I can work with your body to help eliminate pain caused by repetitive stress injuries, including muscle and spinal manipulation, massage and exercises.

Do You Want To Know How I, Dr. Simpson Can Help With Your Repetitive Stress Injury?

One way that I can help treat your repetitive stress injury is to help correct your posture. Often, these injuries are caused by poor posture, which is simple to treat. I will also work with your muscles and soft tissues, manipulating them to help them heal from the injury that is causing your pain.

If you live in the Athens area, and are suffering from pain due to a repetitive stress injury, stop trying to live with it. My office is conveniently located at 700 Hawthorne Avenue, and I am available to diagnose and treat your condition.

Do not live in pain. Contact me, Dr. Simpson. I want to help you live a pain-free life and teach you how to prevent future repetitive stress injuries.

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Carpal Tunnel pain gone—in just one day!

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TMJ – Temporomandibular Joint Pain

Greetings Athens, GA! Are you dealing with the pain of TMJ? Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Simpson, a chiropractor in the Athens area. I want all of my friends and neighbors to be free from the pain and other symptoms of TMJ, a painful disorder that affects your jaw and can lead to headaches and other problems.
Dr Simpson Athens Chiropractor TMJ

Did you know that TMJ can affect your sleep or can affect the way that you eat?

Not only that, but it can lead to serious headaches which can also detract from living your best life and can leave you missing out on the fun and excitement. It is time to stop suffering with TMJ and also to stop trying to use traditional treatments that may not work at all. There are some doctors who may spend months trying to find the cause of your problems and will still be unable to help you.

It is important to keep a few things in mind when dealing with TMJ and chiropractic care. First, I like to explain to my patients in the Athens area that this is an ongoing process. Second, you will have your own special exercises to do as well, making you an integral part of your own care. Finally, chiropractic care is a great way to get your TMJ under control so that you can live your life the way that you would like.

Don’t wait any longer. Call me, Dr. Simpson, or stop by my Athens office. Dealing with TMJ does not have to be something that you do with treatment plans that are not going to work at all anyway.

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Suffering from Hip or Leg Pain? Contact Us!

Dr Simpson Athens sciatic specialist chiropractor Hello, people of GA! Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Simpson, and if you live in or around Athens, I am available to help you deal with your hip or leg pain. As a chiropractor, I see a number of patients who are dealing with these types of pain every day.
Causes of Hip or Leg Pain

I have treated many cases of people suffering from hip or leg pain. Anyone of any age can get hip or leg pain for any reason. Some of the patients that I see here in Athens are having hip or leg pain because of accidents, strains or sprains, overuse, poor posture, spinal misalignment, as well as many others.

Some of the symptoms that my patients have come to my office to be treated for include: mild to severe hip or leg pain, numbness or tingling sensations and other problems. Through the manipulation of the muscles and soft tissues, I can not only relieve the hip or leg pain, but can also work toward restoring full movement to the area.

If you are living in Athens and suffering with mild to severe hip or leg pain, there is no need to suffer any longer. There are better things to do with your life than to deal with pain of any kind. Visit me, Dr. Simpson, and get the relief that you need right away. Simply click here to make an appointment today.

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