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Recent Testimonials

Nou Yang

I suffered from back pain for more than 20 yrs.  Since I have come to see Dr. Simpson my lower back pain is gone.  I have been to other chiropractors but you just have to find the right one. I went online and found Dr. Simpson’s website and read about chiropractic care.
Before I came to see Dr. Simpson, I was sleeping on the floor due to back pain.  Also my back looked twisted like an “S” and now I am back to normal.  Also the spinal decompression treatments and adjustments are very good for my lower back.

Sommer Riermaier

I was in chronic pain for a year before I decided to see Dr. Simpson.  I had severe spasms in my low back.  I did 3 months of physical therapy and I bought a traction machine for the lumbar area.  I also got steroid shots in my back.  Although these things provided some relief, it was minimal.  I still didn’t feel normal.  I never realized how much I took my back for granted.  I’m a very active person; I work out 5 days a week, for at least 2 hrs.  The back pain had to go!

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, I’M NO LONGER IN ANY PAIN!!  My adjustments have completely helped heal my back. I’ve returned to all my physical activities at full force.  Biking, running, yoga, weights and swimming.  Life is good once and again and I feel fantastic!

Carroll Allen

I had occasions when back pain would reduce my ability to do physical labor and enjoy recreational activities.  This led to negative feelings about my physical ability.  My mental outlook was not good and my family would notice the change due to back pain.  Overall when I experienced back pain, it was disruptive both physically and mentally.

I no longer have the regular pain and tightness in my back.  My energy level has improved and my mental approach is much more positive.

June Dooley

I could not sit at all. I had 2 surgeries to try to correct this pain but they were not effective. I also needed bifocal contacts. My neck always scraped when I turned my head and my neck/shoulder muscles were constantly tense. I had mid-back pain from a car accident 20+ years ago. I also had severe pelvic pain for 13 years that I had multiple surgeries and treatments for. I had chronic bursitis in both hips for 9 years. I had sinusitis too.
I can now sit with almost no pain! My nose is clearer. I’m back to my original distance-only contacts. My neck moves smoothly now and my neck/shoulder muscles are close to normal. My mid-back doesn’t hurt at all. The level of pelvic pain has improved as well as the bursitis

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