Sarah Moore

At 34 weeks pregnant I became debilitated by a pinched sciatic nerve on my left side. Every step I took sent a shock of pain up and down my left leg and hip. I could barely walk. I am an active person who ran up to 29 weeks pregnant and then went on daily walks. I was no longer able to take walks. I found myself in tears by the end of the day because I was in so much pain. I am also a kindergarten teacher. The pain made my job difficult and I was less efficient with almost all daily activities. I called my doctor’s office and they suggested physical therapy.

I also talked with two different friends who said the chiropractor helped them. I decided to try chiropractic care. I didn’t know what to expect. I was sure nothing would help alleviate this pain, but I had to try something. Within a week and a half of seeing Dr. Simpson I was having some relief and moving better. Within 2 ½ weeks I was back to my normal activities.

I am so grateful to my friends for suggesting the chiropractor and even more grateful for the relief chiropractic care has given me. I have been able to enjoy these last weeks of my pregnancy and remain active. Dr. Simpson really has made a chiropractic believer out of me.

Donna Hancock

Before chiropractic care, vertebral subluxation affected my life by causing lower back pain almost daily. My lower back pain began around age 12 and has reoccurred during different times of my life. One time that stands out as being especially painful was my 1st pregnancy. My lower back would constantly hurt. I had to use a heating pad, try to stretch or yoga, or just break down and take Tylenol to ease the pain. I also suffered with sciatica pain. During that pregnancy, I couldn’t sit longer than 30 minutes without my lower back hurting.

I have known Dr. Tony Simpson and his family for years, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try chiropractic. My first child suffered severe constipation and I decided that chiropractic was worth a try. She hasn’t been constipated since being adjusted!

Since getting adjusted I have not had the lower back pain to the severity that I used to. I’m now pregnant with my second child, and this pregnancy has been so much more enjoyable. I am more energetic, can sit for long periods of time, and can chase around and carry my 16 month old around without lower back pain!

Marisa Hydrick

In the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I began to experience excruciating back pain which inhibited me from doing normal, everyday things like walking, turning, bending, etc. I couldn’t even get relief when sitting or lying down – even with use of hot compresses or icing the area. In a desperate attempt for pain relief, I began to explore chiropractic care.

I found Dr. Simpson’s website online and was impressed by the good reviews and testimonials. I am now able to enjoy my final trimester of pregnancy and perform everyday activities with relative comfort! I owe my positive pregnancy experience to Dr. Simpson!

Dana Scauber

I first started coming to Dr. Simpson when I was four months pregnant. I was in a lot of pain because I was teaching and was on my feet a lot. My back ached a lot and I couldn’t get any relief. Dr. Simpson continued to adjust me through my pregnancy. Micah was born and we continued to come and be adjusted. Each week was a highlight for me because carrying a baby all day long would cause my back to hurt. Dr. Simpson has helped to make my life pain free.