Lower Back Pain

Nou Yang

I suffered from back pain for more than 20 yrs. Since I have come to see Dr. Simpson my lower back pain is gone. I have been to other chiropractors but you just have to find the right one. I went online and found Dr. Simpson’s website and read about chiropractic care.

Before I came to see Dr. Simpson, I was sleeping on the floor due to back pain. Also my back looked twisted like an “S” and now I am back to normal. Also the spinal decompression treatments and adjustments are very good for my lower back.

Sommer Riermaier

I was in chronic pain for a year before I decided to see Dr. Simpson.  I had severe spasms in my low back.  I did 3 months of physical therapy and I bought a traction machine for the lumbar area.  I also got steroid shots in my back.  Although these things provided some relief, it was minimal.  I still didn’t feel normal.  I never realized how much I took my back for granted.  I’m a very active person; I work out 5 days a week, for at least 2 hrs.  The back pain had to go!

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, I’M NO LONGER IN ANY PAIN!!  My adjustments have completely helped heal my back. I’ve returned to all my physical activities at full force.  Biking, running, yoga, weights and swimming.  Life is good once and again and I feel fantastic!

Carroll Allen

I had occasions when back pain would reduce my ability to do physical labor and enjoy recreational activities.  This led to negative feelings about my physical ability.  My mental outlook was not good and my family would notice the change due to back pain.  Overall when I experienced back pain, it was disruptive both physically and mentally.

I no longer have the regular pain and tightness in my back.  My energy level has improved and my mental approach is much more positive.

Lou Waggoner

1. How did vertebral subluxation affect your life prior to chiropractic?
On labor day of 2013 I began having a severe back ache. The next day my hip started hurting and I could barely walk. My primary care doctor treated me with a cortisone injection and prednisone. I was still in severe pain after the meds were complete.

2. The majority of our patients are referred to us from their family and friends who have had great results from chiropractic care. How were you introduced to chiropractic?
My sister, Shirley Smith had been seeing Dr. Simpson for quite some time and highly recommended him.

3. Many of our patients enjoy active lifestyles. How has your life improved since you began getting adjusted on a consistent basis (i.e. daily life activities, sports, work energy, family, etc.)?
After a few weeks treatment I was in little to no pain and could start back with my daily routine of cleaning house and enjoying my sweet granddaughter. I could pick her up and carry her again. I continue to improve with every adjustment.

Ralph Motsinger

1. How did vertebral subluxation affect your life prior to chiropractic?
I had such severe pain in my back that I could not get up out of a chair or out of bed without excruciating pain. I was taking ibuprofen (heavy dose) in an attempt to cope during the day and sleep some at night.

2. The majority of our patients are referred to us from their family and friends who have had great results from chiropractic care. How were you introduced to chiropractic?
Through recommendation of Bart Reynolds and meeting Dr. Simpson at the Classic Center Home and Garden Show.

3. Many of our patients enjoy active lifestyles. How has your life improved since you began getting adjusted on a consistent basis (i.e. daily life activities, sports, work energy, family, etc.)?
After about 6 weeks of chiropractic care under Dr. Simpson I am virtually free of pain and even working out at the gym 3 times per week. I am 82 years old so age shouldn’t deter anyone from chiropractic care when needed.

Vicki Buschbom

I had reoccurring back pain and avoided activities that involved high impact such as running and anything that required lifting or bending. Even when grocery shopping I’d be afraid to bend down for fear of having a back spasm. After my mother recommended me to chiropractic, I found Dr. Simpson. I don’t have the pain or spasms anymore. I currently work at a plant nursery and there is no way I could successfully do this job without the chiropractic care I’ve received.

Frances Koepnick

I have a strong family history of osteoarthritis which began to affect me about 25 years ago when I was in my 40s. My osteoarthritis involves the intervertebral discs between my cervical vertebrae and I eventually developed a pronounced “dowager’s hump” as well as neck and left shoulder pain.
After moving to Athens, GA, I decided to consult a chiropractor for both my cervical osteoarthritis and lower back pain. I first saw Dr. Tony Simpson in March of 2011 and have been under his care since that time. The initial consultation and x-rays confirmed the severity of my cervical osteoarthritis and also revealed that my pelvis was not only tipped forward, but also higher on the right side than on the left. The results of chiropractic manipulation have been remarkable – my shoulder discomfort, lower back pain, and posture is much improved overall.

Emily U.

I am a runner and I would often experience lower back pain and pain down the back of my legs. I’ve also been told throughout my life that my hips looked uneven, which inevitably meant that my spine was crooked. I’d had the idea of chiropractic care because I knew it was recommended for runners. After getting some information, I made an appointment.
I have been injury-free now for almost one year. I was prone to minor injuries in the past due to running long distances. If I ever have a slight problem now, Dr. Simpson I sable to help me pinpoint the troubled area and he can fix it! I’ve dealt with physical therapy in past, but not anymore! I am able to continue my running lifestyle almost immediately after Dr. Simpson figures out the problem.

Stephen Weber

I had developed lower back problems for almost 10 years on and off. I could sit wrong and not be able to get up or sometimes I would just turn or move wrong and my lower back would go out. Working in a warehouse these problems caused me many a painful day.
My daughter asked me to attend one of the workshops, and after I was willing to have Dr. Tony try to help me. Since I started almost 2 ½ years ago, I have only had 1 event to cause my lower back to pain me, but with my adjustments, I have not had any regular lower back pain in almost 2 years.

Emmanuel Foko

I was involved in a car accident and I developed upper back pain and headache for 2 consecutive weeks. Then I came to Dr. Simpson’s office. He diagnosed my condition and started adjustments. All my pains gradually disappeared and I was completely painless after 2 weeks. Then I kept coming and felt even better and even more relaxed. I even sleep better now. I’ve also learned a lot through Dr. Simpson’s workshops.

Brenda Mrozek

Before Dr. Simpson, I was unable to perform small jobs around the house without having lower back pain. I could not lie on my back and/or stay on my back for very long. My posture was off and my walk was uneven. A friend of mine had good results from chiropractic and suggested I go. Since treatment from Dr. Simpson, I have had less pain in my lower back. My walking and posture are much better (straighter). I can also sit longer without pain. I’m much more comfortable lying on my back and I can sleep without waking in pain.

Pastor David Holt

Before chiropractic, I would often wake up in pain. Frequently I would pull something in my lower back. I had received some relief for these through a chiropractor in Wisconsin. After moving here in July of 2008 things got progressively worse since I did not have a chiropractor here. I met Dr. Tony Simpson at Watkinsville First Baptist Church and found him to be a genuine follower of Christ.
Since seeing Dr. Simpson for just 2 months I feel so much better. I do not wake up in pain anymore and my lower back is 100% better. He has helped me in ways my other chiropractor never did! God works powerfully through Dr. Simpson!

Margaret Loard

While out of town visiting relatives, I slept several nights on a roll-away bed. Soon after this, I started having severe lower back pain. I work at a computer and sit most of the day, and I noticed that I was beginning to have joint pain in my knees when I would stand and walk – especially up and down stairs
I was introduced by my boss, who highly recommended Dr. Simpson as a person who really cares about his patients. I have never considered chiropractic care in the past, but after my first appointment with Dr. Simpson, I was encouraged that he could help me.
There is a drastic improvement in how I now feel. I have a lot more energy, and I can walk much easier than before. I have no back problems or joint problems at all now. I can tell a difference in how I feel at work, too. Dr. Simpson gave me some great tips and exercises to do at work which have helped a great deal.

Daniel Rogers

Before coming in, I had lower back pain to the point that I could barely pick up my kids, I could no longer exercise. When I got out of bed I could barely walk or stand up straight. I could no longer sneeze or cough without losing my breath from the pain. I had been taking six anti-inflammatories a day for ten years.
A family friend recommended me to Dr. Simpson, and from my first adjustment I felt a drastic change. One of the most noticeable things was that I began to sleep better at night than ever before in my life. I was soon back down on the floor playing and throwing my kids around and I am exercising again. I am so thankful that God brought Dr. Simpson into my life. It truly has been a life-changing experience.

David Costa

As a restaurant manager, I work 70-80 hours per week on a regular basis with 95% of that time on my feet.  I always had issues with back pain and very rarely found relief.  The pain and discomfort made work very difficult and made spending quality time with my family almost impossible because on my days off, I didn’t want to move.

Since beginning treatment with Dr. Simpson, my pain has significantly been reduced!  I can work a 12-14 hour shift without pain and am able to spend my time away from work enjoying spending time with my wife and kids instead of trying to find a “magic” position that made the pain remotely bearable.  My quality of life has improved 1000%!