Hip Pain

June Dooley

I could not sit at all. I had 2 surgeries to try to correct this pain but they were not effective. I also needed bifocal contacts. My neck always scraped when I turned my head and my neck/shoulder muscles were constantly tense. I had mid-back pain from a car accident 20+ years ago. I also had severe pelvic pain for 13 years that I had multiple surgeries and treatments for. I had chronic bursitis in both hips for 9 years. I had sinusitis too.

I can now sit with almost no pain! My nose is clearer. I’m back to my original distance-only contacts. My neck moves smoothly now and my neck/shoulder muscles are close to normal. My mid-back doesn’t hurt at all. The level of pelvic pain has improved as well as the bursitis

Rebecca Scott

I had arm, neck, and hip pain and was not able to turn my head for several weeks. I had visited with medical doctors to ER doctors from December 1st to the 16th. They had prescribed Celebrex and valium, which kept me out of it. I did not get any relief from those visits. That is when I came to see Dr. Simpson.
My husband was riding down the street and saw Dr. Simpson’s sign. My brother and sister-in-law had also recommended going to a chiropractor. We had tried everything else and it did not work so my husband stopped by the office and made an appointment for me.
Since beginning care with Dr. Simpson I am able to go back to work!! I had a hard time being at work because of medications. I am able to take walks again!! I can now reach into my kitchen cabinets! I am no longer limited to doing things at home. I could not even vacuum, mop, etc. Now I can!! I am feeling great!!!!!!!!

Kay Shepard

Before treatment, I could not walk any distance without my hip hurting. The doctor would give me shots, but as soon as they wore off the pain would come back! I can remember going to Sam’s Club one day and could not walk to the back of the store! I heard about Dr. Simpson through the testimonial I read in the newspaper. I figured if he could help them out he should be able to help me! I can now walk wherever I want to go – even to the back of the store at Sam’s. I now have more energy and do a lot more things since I am not in pain any more!