Ear Infection or Vertigo

George E. Heyen

I have been a patient of Dr. Tony for about 12 years now. He has always been able to give me excellent advice as well as provide the best medical care for my problems. My latest malady started one evening at home when I suddenly became very dizzy and could not stand up. My wife and I thought I was having a stroke, so we went to the ER. After the ER staff had run several tests the doctor concluded I had an inner ear infection. He prescribed a medication and sent me home.
I discussed this with Dr. tony. He determined there was a subluxation in the C1-C3 area. I had a vertigo problem. Following this, Dr. Tony has been checking my C1-C3 discs very carefully each visit.
I have not had any ear infections NOR have I had any more vertigo problems. Additionally, I have not had to use the medication prescribed by the doctor in the ER at the hospital.
I highly recommend that if you are having vertigo problems or instances of dizziness, please see Dr. Tony and let him examine your spine for subluxation.

Jose Alvarez

I am only seven years old, and I had a hearing problem. My parents started taking me to the chiropractor. As time passed by my family and I started to see some change in me. I have been going to the chiropractor for more than a year and since I first started going until now I have noticed a big change in my hearing.
My life has improved because now I can join my friends at school when they play soccer and other sports.