Arm, Neck & Back Pain

June Dooley

I could not sit at all. I had 2 surgeries to try to correct this pain but they were not effective. I also needed bifocal contacts. My neck always scraped when I turned my head and my neck/shoulder muscles were constantly tense. I had mid-back pain from a car accident 20+ years ago. I also had severe pelvic pain for 13 years that I had multiple surgeries and treatments for. I had chronic bursitis in both hips for 9 years. I had sinusitis too.

I can now sit with almost no pain! My nose is clearer. I’m back to my original distance-only contacts. My neck moves smoothly now and my neck/shoulder muscles are close to normal. My mid-back doesn’t hurt at all. The level of pelvic pain has improved as well as the bursitis

Tony Allen

I had terrible, miserable pain; the most pain I’d been in since I was 20 years old. When I came in I could barely turn my head. I could barely sit in the car to drive. I was unable to fish because I was unable to sit, I couldn’t mow the lawn or do any yard work, or do so many things I loved doing, and now I can do it all!
After receiving adjustments and spinal decompression, I can go back to doing everything I enjoyed doing before I was in pain. I can take care of my family, cook, clean, wash clothes, do yard work, and now I can hook up my boat and go fishing. Even driving my car is so much better. I used to be in so much pain in my legs, but not now. My neck is so much better; I can turn it in any direction and have no pain. My blood pressure has dramatically improved. I was taking about 8 different blood pressure pills twice a day, and I was actually able to drop two of those pills since seeing Dr. Simpson! I feel wonderful!!

Heather Williams – 5/9/2013

Growing up I was a very competitive athlete – soccer, softball, cheerleading, gymnastics, ballet, etc. Being an athlete, things get thrown out of whack often. Different problems would arise, whether it is stiff, sore muscles or sore joints. I especially had pain after I threw out my arm. My shoulder would hurt so bad sometimes I needed help getting dressed because I couldn’t move it. And I was plagued with severe headaches daily, neck pain, and back pain constantly. I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods of time without extreme discomfort. I had Aleve in my purse, my desk at work, in my car, and at my house, all used very frequently.

I used to be very skeptical of chiropractic care until I started working in Dr. Simpson’s office and personally watched how many people were helped for a wide variety of things. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. I’m adjusted on a consistent basis, and I have increased flexibility, my neck pain is practically gone, I only have maybe one headache a month now, and my enjoyment of life pain free is priceless to me. I can go to a football game now and can actually focus on the game instead of my pain. And I don’t have to take any pain medication anymore, which is great.

I learned a lot here, mostly that healing takes time, effort, and the willingness to change to a healthier lifestyle and habits. My car and body both need maintenance to keep going. I will continue care for the rest of my life, because I care about the quality of my life.

David Venegas

I had lower back pain, neck pain, and pain in my leg. I was rubbing my let all the time trying to relieve the pain. I did not feel like riding in the car for trips. I stayed at home during the Christmas Holidays. I just didn’t want to go anywhere.

I told a friend about how I was feeling and he got me an appointment. I am now feeling much better since I started my treatments. I am able to cut wood, work on cars, etc. I feel like going places now. It doesn’t bother me to ride in the car. I am ready for spring so I can get out and enjoy life.

Marisa Hydrick

In the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy, I began to experience excruciating back pain which inhibited me from doing normal, everyday things like walking, turning, bending, etc. I couldn’t even get relief when sitting or lying down – even with use of hot compresses or icing the area. In a desperate attempt for pain relief, I began to explore chiropractic care.

I found Dr. Simpson’s website online and was impressed by the good reviews and testimonials. I am now able to enjoy my final trimester of pregnancy and perform everyday activities with relative comfort! I owe my positive pregnancy experience to Dr. Simpson!

Carol Moore

I was not able to ride in a car for more than 1 hour without pain in my back and neck. I complained constantly when my husband was driving. He put the break on too fast. He turned the corners too sharp. I began to realize I was becoming a chronic complainer, no fun for my husband or my friends. When you realize when someone asks how you are doing and you keep repeating “My back is killing me” you are in trouble.
After repeated physical therapy sessions and nothing working, my son said “you need a chiropractor.” I then went to Dr. Simpson. I now have so much more energy and am able to dance a full 3 hours without pain. I have also taken 1200 mile trips without pain and only needed one minor adjustment when I returned.

Don Reagin

Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from a great deal of lower back pain and stiffness in my neck and middle back. I also had pain in my sciatic nerve from my lower back down my left leg. I grew weary of getting out of bed in the morning wondering what the pain of the day was going to be. My sister had been recommending chiropractic to me for years, but I put it off until the pain prompted me to take action. Where to begin? The back pain is all but gone; my neck is no longer stiff and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Several people have said that they think I’m taller, but I’m just finally standing up straight! Also, my breathing is better and my seasonal allergies were minimal this year! Thank you Dr. Simpson!

Angela Kitchens

My back and neck was messed up prior to a car accident. I was in severe pain all of the time. My attorney recommended me to Dr. Simpson. I can do all of my activities now since I have been coming to see Dr. Simpson. He has truly been good for me. I would tell anyone about his practice. The whole staff is great. Thanks you Dr. Simpson.

Glenn Brinson

My back and neck pain have been drastically reduced since treatment from Dr. Simpson. I’ve also seen a huge improvement in mobility and flexibility. I was referred to Dr. Simpson through a chiropractor in Marietta.

Tyler Breedlove – Age 13

My back was tight all the time. Any time I tried to move my back and sides would have pain. With all the sports I played it was not good for my overall health. My Mom and Dad were always going to the chiropractor, and started to bring me as well. Now my energy during sport has improved. I used to be out of energy and start to get cramps and pain, but now I am only tired after I finish the game.

David McCord

Before treatment, I felt stiff in the back and neck and had little movement. I was extremely limited. My back felt like a brick wall and I felt tired with pain. I was worn out from the movement that I was making every day. I was lacking energy and unable to sleep properly. I was in pain with just normal “day-to-day” activities.
I sought treatment from Dr. Simpson after a car wreck. Now I’m able to rest more peacefully with comfort and I feel I finally have my life back – thanks for Dr. Simpson’s treatment! I feel back to my normal self, able to bend and move and sleep better. My back is cured!!

Rebecca Scott

I had arm, neck, and hip pain and was not able to turn my head for several weeks. I had visited with medical doctors to ER doctors from December 1st to the 16th. They had prescribed Celebrex and valium, which kept me out of it. I did not get any relief from those visits. That is when I came to see Dr. Simpson.
My husband was riding down the street and saw Dr. Simpson’s sign. My brother and sister-in-law had also recommended going to a chiropractor. We had tried everything else and it did not work so my husband stopped by the office and made an appointment for me.
Since beginning care with Dr. Simpson I am able to go back to work!! I had a hard time being at work because of medications. I am able to take walks again!! I can now reach into my kitchen cabinets! I am no longer limited to doing things at home. I could not even vacuum, mop, etc. Now I can!! I am feeling great!!!!!!!!

Dudley Meeter

I am a very active 75 year old. For 73 of those 75 years I was openly critical of the practice of chiropractors – I did not believe in them. Then in the last couple of years, my back became increasingly more difficult to live with. It was hard to get out of bed in the morning. I had to carefully and painfully roll to one side and then get my feet to the floor. I had to walk kind of stooped over for a while because it hurt too much to straighten up. It was difficult to bend over far enough for me to function somewhat normally.
I hated all this, not only because of the pain and discomfort but because it was becoming apparent that I could not continue in a sport that I loved. I train dogs in the sport of agility, directing a dog around a course of jumps, tunnels, teeters, dog walks, etc. My wife insisted that I see Dr. Simpson. In the beginning the results were mixed, sometimes my back hurt more when I left the office that when I came in. However, I continued coming and the situation just kept improving. Gradually the pain was gone from the part of the back.
Here’s the bottom line. After two months of treatment my back is pain free. I’m running and training my dogs again. I don’t know if just any chiropractor could have achieved these results, I just know I’m glad I found this doctor. Do I now believe in chiropractic? I believe in THIS one!

Myjestus Smith

Vertebral subluxation affected my life all kind of ways. I had lower and upper back pain and sleepless nights. I couldn’t stand on my feet for a short period of time. I couldn’t play ball with my son. After being in a car wreck I met Dr. Simpson. Since then, my life has improved a lot. I’m back to my old self. I feel like I’m 16 again. Thanks Dr. Simpson for putting me back on the right track without all the pain killers!

Rachel Holland

Prior to chiropractic, I had frequent neck, lower back and some joint pain. I had frequent headaches and, at times, trouble thinking. My father told me about chiropractic care. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Simpson, my quality of life has improved. I have been able to continue my job and my ballroom company through pulled muscles, subluxations and injuries. I had a greatly injured foot and was able to return to work earlier than normal for that type of sprain.

Bill Smith

I have had recurrent neck pain for years. The pain was severe, and would last for up to a week. My doctor prescribed pain medication and muscle relaxers, but nothing relieved the pain. I was referred by my wife Shirley. Dr. Simpson’s treatment relieved a previous problem with back pain for her. Dr. Simpson’s treatment on the compression table relieved the neck pain and the subsequent treatments have so far kept the pain from recurring.

Vincent Jolly

I had been in neck and shoulder pain for quite a while. This pain was so constant and severe, that it also gave me terrible headaches. I had broken my collar bone and torn my rotator cuff a while back, which really restricted the motion in my arm and shoulder. I came to Dr. Simpson in March of 2006 and he worked his magic on me. I no longer have constant pain or headaches, no more waking up with aches and pains and I have much better motion. The second set of x-rays proved that I had much better spacing in mu vertebrae, my lower back has straightened out and no more neck and shoulder pain. I feel great!

Emmanuel Foko

I was involved in a car accident and I developed upper back pain and headache for 2 consecutive weeks. Then I came to Dr. Simpson’s office. He diagnosed my condition and started adjustments. All my pains gradually disappeared and I was completely painless after 2 weeks. Then I kept coming and felt even better and even more relaxed. I even sleep better now. I’ve also learned a lot through Dr. Simpson’s workshops.