Paige Fuller

I was one of those people who “didn’t need to go to a chiropractor” because my back didn’t bother me too bad. What I did not know was that chiropractic could help with my sinuses, allergies, headaches, and just about any other complaint I ever had. I did not know that my spine was home for my entire nervous system and that interference in this very important part of my body could cause any kind of illness imaginable.

I have noticed numerous changes in my lifestyle. I formerly had at least 1-2 headaches per week. Now I have maybe 1-2 per month. Since age 14, I have had trouble with pollen in the spring. I had headaches, runny nose, stopped up head, watery eyes, and had trouble sleeping at night because I couldn’t breathe. I thought it would always be that way and that there was no way to help myself except to take Sinus Tylenol or if it was bad enough, go to the doctor and get antibiotics. This spring has been the best spring of my entire life. I have actually enjoyed watching the flowers and trees bloom! I have had the windows and doors open in my house and car, and nothing has affected me! I have not had a runny nose, stopped up head, or sinus headaches.

I have also noticed an increase in my energy level. I no longer have that mid-afternoon slump that I once experienced about 3-4pm. I have lots of energy all day and don’t run out of steam as early as I used to.

I am so thankful for chiropractic treatment and to the good Lord above who arranged my meeting with Dr. Simpson and Stacey. There really are no coincidences, are there?

Don Reagin

Prior to chiropractic, I suffered from a great deal of lower back pain and stiffness in my neck and middle back. I also had pain in my sciatic nerve from my lower back down my left leg. I grew weary of getting out of bed in the morning wondering what the pain of the day was going to be. My sister had been recommending chiropractic to me for years, but I put it off until the pain prompted me to take action. Where to begin? The back pain is all but gone; my neck is no longer stiff and my posture is better than it’s ever been. Several people have said that they think I’m taller, but I’m just finally standing up straight! Also, my breathing is better and my seasonal allergies were minimal this year! Thank you Dr. Simpson!

Lisa Breedlove

I have always been bothered by seasonal allergies which also bring headaches and neck pain. I had numerous times been to dentists because of jaw pain/popping out as well. My husband Spencer had been going to see Dr. Simpson and was having good results, and recommended me for treatment. Thankfully since beginning care, I rarely have headaches and jaw pain. My allergies seem less bothersome and not as severe. I am more active and in shape that I have ever been. I enjoy life with more energy and health than ever!

Daniel Melendez
Our son, Daniel, has had problems since birth with asthma and allergies. When he was 4, we had him treated at an allergy doctor and then had his tonsils and adenoids removed. He continued to have sinus headaches and threw up for days on end. Last summer, we brought him to Dr. Simpson. (My husband had been to Dr. Simpson for back pain before.) Since being treated for almost 1 year, he no longer throws up on a daily basis and doesn’t have the amount of sinus headaches and stuffiness at night. In fact, now it is rare for him to have any of the problems he had before. Daniel has come through the spring allergy season triumphantly! He is now 9 years old and can go outside freely without worrying about allergies and having trouble breathing, he is also off all allergy medications!